“One Family”

The following message is based on Ephesians 3:1-11 and discusses what the Church is here for.  This message was delievered on January 13, 2013 Have you ever felt like you weren’t being heard?  I recently ran across a cartoon that depicts a couple sharing a moment at a coffee shop.  The man is engaged with his electronic device.  His attention isContinue reading ““One Family””

What are We Rallying For? by Rev. David W. McKinley

The following sermon is based on 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, and addresses the value of Christian Education programs in the local church.  It was preached at the Central Shwenkfelder Church in Worcester, PA on September 9, 3012. This time of year is exciting for teachers, for they see the students come back into the classroom.  There areContinue reading “What are We Rallying For? by Rev. David W. McKinley”

“God’s Symbol of Cleansing”

The following message is based on Acts 2:38 and is a treatment of the subject of baptism.  It was delievered on June 3, 2012 We know what landmarks are.  They are property or monuments that have functioned as helpful reminders of our past.  Mount Rushmore, reminds us of the strategic leaders in our country’s history: GeorgeContinue reading ““God’s Symbol of Cleansing””

“What is the Church?”

The following sermon is based on Acts 2:42-47 and argues that the church is not a structure, but a community of people, committed to Christ and one another.  It was delievered on June 10, 2012 on the occasion of receiving new members. Is the church a building; a structure of stone and metal?  Or is it something greater?  WeContinue reading ““What is the Church?””

“The Value of Music in Worshipping God”

The following message is based on 1 Samuel 16:14-23, explaining what church music is designed for: to assist us in our worship of God.  It was delivered on May 6, 2012 Music is powerful.  It places us at different times in our lives.  I can remember as a youngster that I used to hum a tuneContinue reading ““The Value of Music in Worshipping God””

“How to Listen to a Sermon”

The following message is based on 2 Timothy 3:14-17 and argues for the value of listening to a sermon with worshipful intentions, for selfish and selfless reasons.  It was delivered on April 29, 2012. It pays to listen.  Sometimes our lack of listening gets in the way of our understanding.  “A woman had just returned to herContinue reading ““How to Listen to a Sermon””