A Few Thoughts on Losing

Spending a few days in Ocean City, New Jersey with family. Enjoying the ocean breeze and a beautiful view, surrounded by my three precious kids and a loving wife. I’ve been reading Tim Kelly’s book, The Legend of Red Klotz. Klotz was the player-coach of the Washington Generals, a team that played the Harlem GlobetrottersContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on Losing”

What is God’s Will For My Life?

Such is a common question among humankind. So often we approach this subject as if we are “searching for a needle in a haystack.” We want the burning bush, as Moses experienced. Or we want a thundering voice from heaven telling us what we should do. But if it were that simple, where would faithContinue reading “What is God’s Will For My Life?”

Giving Thanks, Regardless

The following message is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 and addresses why we should be grateful. It was shared on November 19, 2013. What are you thankful for? Being grateful is a state of mind. The story of Jesus healing the ten leprous men in Luke 17 has compelled me to give thanks to GodContinue reading “Giving Thanks, Regardless”

“Post Christmas Blues?”

The following message is based on Psalm 90 and discusses our God’s eternality and humankind’s mortality, as we see in another year.  It was given on December 30, 2012. This week I had the pleasure of having family in from California and Missouri.  We had a great time with our favorite foods, playing games, opening presents,Continue reading ““Post Christmas Blues?””

“Great Service”

The following message is based on Mark 10:35-45 and covers the topic of pride and service within the Christian life.  It was preached at the Palm Schwenkfelder Church in Palm, PA on  October 21, 2012 for Schwenkfelder Ministerium Pulpit Exchange. How do we define “greatness?”  With any word, there is often the world’s definition, then theContinue reading ““Great Service””

“Our Modus Operandi” by David W. McKinley

The following message is taken from Exodus 20 and deals with the subjects of work, rest and purpose in life.  It was preached on September 2, 2012 at the Central Schwenkfelder Church in Worcester, PA. What is our Modus operandi?  Maybe you’ve heard of that term.  According to Wikipedia, Modus operandi is a Latin phrase,Continue reading ““Our Modus Operandi” by David W. McKinley”